Jasmin Giles


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I am a hands-on, highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, whose ambition is to focus on establishing her own jewellery design label and pursue a career in the fashion industry. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in July 2010 and selling my entire collection, I have been very fortunate to receive sponsorship to support the production of my designs and have the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and materials. I want to be an independent designer, making high-end, unique and handmade jewellery. I see myself as an artist as well as a designer, and take a lot of pride in having complete creative control over every aspect of my work. I instinctively work in a three dimensional way and the versatility of knit allows me to do this. I seek to challenge the notion that size implies strength; although my work is essentially dominant and proudly stated, it is also incredibly subtle, delicate and vulnerable.